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How to prevent phishing attacks

release:2017-12-30 14:22:37 publisher:ZERO ONE EXCHANGE

- Buyer: if the seller runs away carrying your funds and does not release your currency, bitcoin (bitcoin.com) shall release your managed currency to you;
- Seller: make sure that you have received the payment, otherwise your currency can not be refunded after released. 

- Login password, transaction password: should not be same or similar;
- Be sure to open Google verification code and other certifications provided by the platform, including but not limited to: confidential Q&A, authentication, etc;
- Check the domain name before each landing: bitcoin.com
- Select reliable anti-virus software and continue to update;
- Encrypt your computer and cell phone;
- Ensure safety of computer: dedicated computer recommended with only Linux, Chrome browser, password manager plug-in;
- Use a secure network: use a wired network as far as possible. If you have to use WiFi, it is recommended to use VPN to transfer flow.
- Do not share accounts with others;
- Do not give your account information to others, especially Google secondary verification code, trade password, etc.


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