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FAQ for bitcoin (bitcoin.com)

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How to change the account password?
After login, enter the "Member Center" - "Password"for modification.
Address: http://www.bitcoin.com/user/paypassword.html

How to change the real-name authentication?
Please prepare: photo or scanning copy of full face of ID card, photo of full face with ID card in hand shall be kindly sent to bitcoin customer service: [email protected] for approval; please log in for re-authentication as soon as approved.

How to change the cell phone bounding?
Please contact bitcoin customer service by E-mail: [email protected], to state reason for change, cell phone number registered, attached by photo of full face with ID card in hand, and customer service will contact you again in the near future upon receipt of your e-mail to confirm your identity, and the system will automatically change cell phone number after error free confirmed.

How to change security question?
Please prepare: photo or scanning copy of full face of ID card, photo of full face with ID card in hand shall be kindly sent to bitcoin customer service: [email protected] for approval; please log in for re-authentication as soon as approved.

My cell phone number has been used to verify another user account.
One cell phone number can only be used to bind one account, so please unbind your cell phone from the unused account.

I lost my cell phone and password used to register bitcoin (bitcoin.com)
Please send your contact number, identity authentication information and detailed problem description to bitcoin customer service E-mail [email protected]. The complaint acceptance panel would help you.

Why convert to ARTS automatically in transferred-in progress?
Automatic conversion is limited to the initial ARTS sales period, which will no longer happen and have to be converted in coin to coin ways.

What if my money withdrawn is not available in account?
Not reviewed: please be patient and wait for review by us. Please answer our phone call to avoid review failure due to contact failure.
Tokens remitted from the wallet: you may find and copy blockchain trading ID to the blockchain query website to query website confirmation progress, which depends on the network operation.

What if I made mistakes when I filled out my receipt address?
Remit once made to wrong address cannot be found back, so please repeat your confirmation that address is correct when you fill out the address at the beginning.

How do I check my order?
You may find your delegation situation via the delegation records of coin to coin transaction, including the uncompleted delegation and completed delegation; the current uncompleted delegation may choose to withdraw the order.
More guide details would be provided after trading zone open to public. 

How to ensure security and stability of the system?
bitcoin chooses to entrust trusteeship for its trading platform in many countries of different continents, whose main server is AWS (the world's best, not one of the best, network service platform), protecting users’ privacy and information under security monitoring by 24/7/365. While preventing malicious attacks, multi-core processing can guarantee network speed, regardless how huge its flow volume is.

How to guarantee the security of currency in bitcoin platform?
We synchronize currently stable, latest blockchain technology;
Separation of cold wallet and hot wallet: on bitcoin (bitcoin.com) platform, hot wallet is available for partial assets and the rest part of withdraw and tokens purchase will be deposit in cold wallet. (A cold wallet means a wallet that is not connected to the Internet. A hot wallet means a wallet that is connected to the Internet. Cold wallets offline are much safer than hot wallets.
Multiple encryption techniques, for including but not limited to: transaction password, security issues, Google verification, KYC certification, etc.

What versions are supported by the system?
PC, wap, APP (apple system and android system)

What currencies are there on the system?
bitcoin token: Arts Chain Coin (ARTS),
Art token of bitcoin: according to different art assets on sale, corresponding to its art token,
International universal digital currency: Tether USD/USDT, followed by bitcoins/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Litecoin/LTC, ETC, BCC, dogecoin/DOGE, etc.

Does bitcoin platform support the legal currency trade?
The platform does not support any national legal currency trading, for example: USD EUR JPY RMB, etc. (but users can buy digital currency from merchants on platform by legal currency via point to point trade sector).

What deals are available on the bitcoin platform?
OTC : if you don't have a digital currency, you can exchange it via point to point coin purchase zone; If you have an extra digital currency, you can sell it through the point to point range.
Tokens conversion: the international universal digital currency used to exchange ARTS, which is only available to bitcoin users within the initial selling period;
Purchase of art digital assets: any art asset purchase on bitcoin platform should be made after obtaining ARTS currency, exchanged and traded by ARTS;
The various currency trades available on the platform are for: various art asset tokens/ARTS, various international universal digital currencies/ARTS, and various international universal digital currencies/USDT.


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