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FAQ for point to point tokens purchase

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What if we don't want to continue trading after making order?
If unpaid: return or enter other pages, then the order will automatically fail; 
If paid: you can't carry out operation to refund money or tokens.

I have paid the RMB. How can I get the tokens?
Click on "payment completed" page for the seller to confirm success in or failure to receipt. Upon receipt, the seller is supposed to “release tokens” as soon as possible, then you can check digital assets in your account.

What if my token fails to be released to my account after transaction?
Usually, the seller will release the digital assets according to schedule as soon as the payment is received. If you have already paid, but you are still waiting, there is no need to worry, since all online transactions are protected by trusteeship and the seller cannot withdraw your digital assets. 
If there is any problem with the transaction, you can apply to the platform for solution assistance. bitcoin customer service E-mail: [email protected].

Do you have a limit for point to point transactions?
Yes, we do. You may check the trading limit for each merchant on the page for point to point purchase. Address: http://www.bitcoin.com/Ptpbc/index

How long will the order be made?
The trading time is usually 30 minutes -180 minutes.

What if I forget to fill out cell phone number in the note during purchase?
Contact bitcoin customer service [email protected] for application. You have to provide customer service with payment account information, cell phone number bounded to bitcoin for seller’s confirmation to send token to your accounts. Please check and receive on time.

How to deal with abnormal problems in the transaction?
Please send cell phone number and detailed description of the problem to bitcoin customer service E-mail: [email protected]. The complaint acceptance panel would help you.


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