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    Bitcoin is an autonomous, cross-border, decentralized, encrypted electronic currency.
    In 2008, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto has first proposed the concept of bitcoin. In the white paper, regarding the concept of open, equality, consensus and direct participation as a benchmark, combining with open source software working mode and principle of cryptography, he has finally developed BTC open source program with functions to issue, trade currency and manage account on P2P and distributed database platform. Its system enables node in BTC P2P network to reach network agreement according to BTC source code, to ensure issuing, management and circulate of currency are fair, safe, reliable, and send "digital cash" E-mail by almost zero cost, convenient and fast; Due to unnecessary regulatory approval and distribution rights for every one, currency issuance and transfer, without copy, fake or over-issue, come true; once the payment is completed, the user loses ownership of the bitcoin.
    Different from the traditional currency, its operating mechanism doesn’t depend on support by the central bank, the government, the enterprises, or credit guarantee, but the network agreement that seed files reached on point to point network, as a monetary system of decentralization, self-improvement, which theoretically ensures that anyone, agency, or government is impossible to control the currency monetary aggregate, or create inflation. Its monetary aggregate is gradually increasing at the rate of design predetermined; in addition, its increase rate slows down little by little and is supposed to eventually reach a limit of 21 million in 2140.

Detailed parameters
Chinese name: bitcoin
English name: Bitcoin
English abbreviation: BTC
Currency symbol: ฿
Developed by: Satoshi Nakamoto
Core algorithm: sha-256
Release date: 03/01 /2009
Total: 21 million
Block time: about 600 seconds/block consensus certificate: POW
Block award: current 12.5 BTC/block (210,000 blocks in each output/roughly halved every four years, the latest halving time: July 9, 2016)
Risk: dilatation dispute, the potential for split risks

Currency unit: BTC/XBT
1 Bitcoins, BTC
10-2 Bitcent, cBTC
10-3 Milli - Bitcoins, mBTC
10-6 Micro-bitcoins, μ BTC
10-8- Satoshi

Commonly used links
Official website: https://bitcoin.org/
FAQ for bitcoin: https://bitcoin.org/zh_CN/faq
Block query: https://blockchain.info/
Website for value query: https://coinmarketcap.com/


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