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    It was born on November 9, 2011, and known as "digital silver". It has the same technological principle of implementation as bitcoin. It is the first online digital currency based on the Scrypt algorithm. Compared with bitcoin, it has faster transaction confirmation time, higher network transaction capacity and efficiency. It now has a complete industrial chain, sufficient liquidity enough to prove that it is a mature, safe and stable commercial financial system.
    The currency is a point to point electronic crypto currency and an open source software project approved by the MIT/X11 as well. LTC designer inspired by BTC, use the same implementation principle of BTC in technology, the creation and transfer of LTC is based on an open source encryption protocol, free from any central authority management. Currently, LTC can be exchanged with most electronic currencies, such as legal currency and bitcoin, normally through online trading platform.

Detailed parameters         
Chinese name: LTC       
English name: Litecoin
English abbreviation: LTC
Currency symbol: Ł
研发者:Charlie Lee     
Developed by: Charlie Lee       
Core algorithm: Scrypt
Release date: 7/10/2011 
Block time: 150 seconds/block 
Total: 84 million
Cut in half: 4 years        
Consensus certificate: POW   
Difficulty adjustment: 2,016 blocks
Block award: initially 50LTC, currently 25LTC
Main features: large circulation, with a circulation of four times that of bitcoin; fast trade with confirmation time for only 2.5 minutes; Isolation verification activation
Downside: less related application
Risk: network vulnerability after isolation validation is activated

Commonly used links
Official website: https://litecoin.org/
Block query: http://explorer.litecoin.net/


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