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Ethereum Classic -ETC

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    Ethereum Classic is the forked tokens of Ethereum after a hard fork of 1,920,000 blocks whose function is very similar to that of Ethereum. ETC adheres to the concept of decentralization and supports the consensus mechanism of blockchain guarantee. ETC firmly believes that once the blockchain starts to run, its development direction will not be dominated by any central team, but determined by the consensus of people online and the entire network hashrate.

Detailed parameters          
Chinese name: 以太经典 
English name: Ethereum Classic
English abbreviation: ETC  
Developed by: Ethereum Classic team                  
Core algorithm: Ethash
Consensus certificate: POW    
Release date: 20/7/2016
Block time: about 15-17 seconds/block
Monetary aggregate: fixed quality of 210 million, not more than 230 million, with a reduction of 20% in every 5 million blocks, and the first production cut time is expected to be December 2017
Main features: independent cryptocurrency

Commonly used links
Official website: https://ethereumclassic.github.io/
Block query: https://gastracker.io/


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