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    Ripple/XRP provides an unimpeded global payment network by using the blockchain technology, as the world's first open payment network, via joining in growing global payments network of Ripple, users can transfer any a kind of currency, including dollar, euro, RMB or BTC. Users will feel it simple and quick to complete transaction confirmation in a few seconds, at zero almost transaction cost, rather than so-called inter-bank or international payments. Ripple is open source point to point network, which can help any organizations or individuals to transfer money with easy, cheap and safe to any organizations or individuals on the Internet, no matter where they are in the world. Ripple is p2p software, free from control by any individual, company, or government, and anyone can create a Ripple account.
    Since May 2017, Rayleigh wave verifier network has expanded by 140%, up to 55 participants, including WorldLink, Telindus - Proximus group, Microsoft, MIT, CGI, Swedish isps, Bahnhof, and AT TOKYO, provider of data center and system integrative service. All of these participants are now maintaining integrity of XRP ledger (which has previously been the Ripple-consensus ledger, and run software to help it to reach agreement on transaction settlement orders.
    XRP is the only current money in ripple system, different from other currencies in the ripple system, other currencies such as the CNY and USD which cannot be withdrawn cross gateways, in other words, issued CNY in A gateway can be withdrawn only in A gateway, thus users have to convert it into CNY in B gateway through the function of pending orders in ripple system for withdrawal. But XRP is absolutely free from such limit, which is universal in the ripple system.

Detailed parameters                   
Chinese name: 瑞波币                     
English name: Ripple
English abbreviation: XRP    
Developed by: Ripple Labs    
Core algorithm: OpenCoin original algorithm 
Release date: 18-04-2011                 
Block time:  to   seconds    
Block award: Monetary aggregate   100 billion
Flux: 35.83 billion (cut-off time: Nov 06, 2017)
Main features: invested by Google, the decentralizing trading function has been realized, and its practical application prospect is good.
Downside: the technology needs to be improved and XRP distribution needs to be made

Commonly used links
Project official website: https://ripple.com/
Blockchain browser: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/graph/


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